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Construction, renovation, design and consultation

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Our mission

Officine Group was born as a company able to provide a complete service in the industrial automation sector.

Experience in the fountain, pool, spa, irrigation industry has led our company to create highly specialized divisions that can meet every customer's needs with innovation, efficiency and creativity.

From the realization of plants and electrical panels, to the integration of software systems and hardware, to industrial automation, our commitment has always been to build systems and work platforms characterized by customization of solutions and simplicity and intuition of our software interfaces.


The business divisions of Officine Group

  • Swimming pools design
  • Swimming pools for yachts
  • Software and hardware systems
  • Remote control systems
  • Redevelopment of plants
  • Assistance and maintenance

Officina Acquatica
  • Fountains and water works
  • Remote controls for fountains
  • Led lights for fountains
  • Components and accessories
  • Redevelopment of plants
  • Assistance and maintenance
Green Rain
  • Automatic irrigation systems
  • Power and weather stations
  • Monitoring, storage and water treatment
  • Electric switchboard and enclosures
  • Redevelopment of plants
  • Assistance and maintenance
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Motion Alpin Artificial snow
  • Systems for artificial snow
  • Systems for cableway installations
  • Electrical panels and automated systems
  • Management software
  • Scada software for snowmaking systems
  • Plant requalification
  • Assistance and maintenance

Pools, SPA & Wellness

Irrigation systems

Fountains and water games

Automation and robotic

Our philosophy

" Custom hardware and software solutions to meet all customer needs "

" Development and innovation to offer you more and more productive, simple to use and high quality products "

" Experience, courtesy, and dialogue with your customer to listen to your needs and propose the best solutions "

" Software and hardware integration systems that are geared towards greater efficiency and maximum energy savings "